Christmas Party Skirt - Finished Clothing

And now for something completely different!


My husband's squadron holiday party is "semi-formal or ugly sweater" - which is about as vague of a dress code as you can get. {He's wearing an ugly sweater. Santa riding a unicorn. Someone help me.}

I spotted this fabric {Michael Miller Holiday Party} when looking for Christmas border fabric, and even though my clothing sewing skills are non-existent, I had to give it a try. {Don't worry, I have plenty of backup semi-formal dresses.}


I'm actually pretty darn impressed by those pleats in the front. I thought they would look classier than gathering, and with the help of my math minion, we figured out how deep the three pleats needed to be.


And then check out that pattern matching in the back! I used an elastic waist in the back, because zippers are not my friends... But I don't really love how it looks, so I made a wide sash to cover it. But the sash is kind of gappy, so I'm not sure I'm going to use it, because my limited clothing sewing skills does not help me fix tonight.


It's just past knee length - I was going for shorter, actually, but again - limited sewing skills includes an inability to calculate seam allowances properly. 

And if we get a good picture tonight, I'll update the post. Because I know you all want to see Santa riding a unicorn.

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BOMs AWAY - Nothing!

For the first time in a while, I didn't even pull out any BOM work this weekend! We put up the Christmas decorations and lights, got our tree, and spent time with friends. In between all the holiday stuff, I finished cleaning up the threads on the quilts that I longarmed for my sister, and worked on t-shirt quilts.

The most BOM-y thing I've done is save the first three instructions for On Ringo Lake! I don't start before the reveal...and as long as my Celtic Solstice is still outstanding, I shouldn't be starting at all! 

But since I can't leave this post without anything...!


With some exceedingly unecessary cat assistance.

This is my reward for getting all my paid work finished up. I made all the blocks - the teeny, tiny, 7" blocks - already, and I've been putting it together in spurts. I bought a backing already, so there's no reason this can't get finished by Christmas. You know, if I continue to ignore my BOMs.

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or just a monthly report on a leader/ender project? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

Fraternitas - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

And as I get into the swing of having my own longarm to use whenever I want, I get back into the swing of t-shirt quilts!


This one was done "backwards" - the wife of the firefighter had cut out the shirts, fused some of them, then gave up and handed off the project to her mother. Her mother then contacted me - she's a friend of one of the Dallas runners I worked with before.


So by the time I got them, the design was a little limited by the size the shirts had already been cut. But hey - it saved me cutting time! 

Frisco, the grey square in the middle, is his home station, so we decided to set that one out from the rest.


I had to add some filler, but she did a great job picking fabrics that blend well with the shirts.


The best part is where the fire backing meets water binding.

{The green is Michael Miller Landscapes - in other words, earth - the border and binding are Michael Miller Peaceful Water, and the backing is Timeless Treasures Rescue Fire. The only thing missing is the Airbender!}


Fraternitas is Latin for brotherhood - a fitting title for firefighters.


BOMs AWAY - SWOK Sampler #3

Another block ready for my guild meeting on Thursday! I'm really enjoying these block - yes, they're simple, but it'll be a lovely sampler for QOV in the end.


And I've been playing with layout ideas in my extra BOM time!


This alternate block is my favorite, I think. All the blocks are nine patches, so it would be nice to have a nine-patchy-setting. This one, I would finish with half blocks of the alternate blocks in the border, to 60x84". {I can totally show that next month when I finally get EQ8 installed on my computer!}


Or, on point! Which finishes a bit smaller - only 45x56ish" - so I'd have to do some creative bordering to bring it up to size. Which, I do have nine months to think about borders, so...

Some time this month {in between all that Christmas sewing!} I want to pick an alternating fabric and get ready to piece a couple of these blocks as well, so I don't get behind on finishing when the time comes. 

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or just a monthly report on a leader/ender project? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

Bad Boys of Minecraft - a Finished Quilt

I am finally back in business! {Literally - there's a slew of t-shirt quilt finishes coming up next.} My longarm is here, and I tested it out on my nephew's quilt to make sure I remember what I'm doing. Spoiler alert - it's just like riding a bicycle. Well, wait - no. Not like the way I ride a bike. Much less falling with the longarm.


Ahem. Anyway. I pieced the blocks back in September/October while I was waiting for the longarm. My nephew requested his nine favorite "bad guys" from Minecraft. I said Steve isn't a bad guy, and my sister said, "not the way he plays it."


I like the wolf the best. Both he and the Enderdragon are slightly different from the ones in the Dude's version. Some of the patterns can be found on Fandom in Stitches, but at this point, I just Google-image it.


The backing is orange Shannon minky. The blocks are mostly Kona cotton, with some Cotton Couture and other bits and pieces thrown in. The sashing is from Spoonflower.


The quilting is boxy meander - third time's the charm on these Minecraft quilts! {The Dude's, neighbor's.} And the binding is more Kona, using up some of the leftover grey strips.