Orange You Glad - A Fruit Salad Block

Knock knock. Who's there?

Orange you glad I didn't finish that joke?


My oldest is not a fan of the classic knock knock joke, but I have a feeling the younger one will be totally into it once he learns how to tell jokes. I'll need help if he ever finds his brother's joke book!

Also, those are totally Cuties, not oranges, in the bowl. Because oranges are harder to peel, and these props get eaten. (Sometimes before I'm done with the photo shoot!)



  • ORANGE - (52) 2.5” squares; (4) 3” squares
  • GREEN - (2) 2.5" squares; (2) 3" squares
  • NEUTRAL - (6) 2.5” squares; (6) 3” squares

Note: I am using the same neutral (Kona White) in all my blocks



  • Draw a line on the 3" neutral squares

  • Pair with the 3" oranges and greens

  • Stitch 1/4" on each side of the line

  • Cut on the line

  • Trim to 2.5" square (I use the Quilt in a Day triangle ruler, so I trim before pressing)

  • Orange HSTs - press to the orange; green HSTs - press three to the neutral, one to the green


Layout the block as shown, making sure the middle green HSTs nest with opposing pressing directions. Stitch together by row, pressing each row in opposite directions. Press the final seams open.


Orange You Glad - 16.5x18.5" unfinished

If you’re joining me in these blocks, please use #fruitsaladquilt on Instagram or comment here so I can find your blog!

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BOMs Away - Eternal Bloom 9C

Finally! It's done! One whole...block...

eternal bloom 9C.jpg

Whew. 207 pieces. In an 18" block! That's...hang on, let me check with my SEVENTH GRADE ACADEMIC TEAM STATE CHAMPION (woo!)...1.5 pieces per square inch.


In case you ever wondered what they look like on the back. A lot of seams! 

Also, I guest blogged over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict yesterday, sharing a tutorial for a fun little quilt I call Color Wheel. I'll have the finished quilts here on Friday!

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Link up here or at What a Hoot! 

Little Boy Blue - A Finished Quilt!

This week, a simple finish is all I could manage, with the Oklahoma teacher walkout and my kids home from school. It was a nearly-two-week taste of summer...which means, as always, we've got to come up with better summer plans.


But at least in summer, there will be some camps and activities to keep them out of the house. But of course, then I have to drive them to those activities! Sigh. 

Anyway - the quilt! The main fabric and backing is from my mother-in-law. She makes all the grandkids hooded towels, and she got the blue baby fabric for the Little Man's.


Eventually it became clear that we weren't bringing home a baby, so the flannel got reabsorbed into my stash. (I'm not entirely sure how that happened.)

She did use the binding stripe around the edge of his towel, at least! And gave me a huge roll of leftover bias binding...which I could not find to finish this quilt. Maybe I'll find it for the next boy flannel quilt.


The quilting is rows of alternating loops, which I've wanted to do on all these quilts, but this was the first one with wide enough strips.

I really love the way the soft colors blend together. It's just a really nice baby quilt. And it's nearly four yards of flannel out of my bins, and another chunk of leftover batting!


Finish Along Quarter 2 Goals

Well, the Kanban board appears to be working! Along with a blog calendar and my consultant reorganizing my plans. (Seriously, I said I was going to do the taco strip quilt this week, and Lori said not till Cinco de Mayo. And she's right, of course.)

quilter kanban 1

She still can't help me get straight pictures... (Mostly because she won't move to rural Oklahoma and take all my pictures for me! Rude!)

Anyway, The only thing that really changed is I got tired of swapping out my BOM every week, so those are just their own row now. And I added a card for quilts I'm longarming for others.

The finished quilt cards on the bottom are nice to look at! (Monthly roundups of finishes: January / February / March)

quilter kanban.jpg

I pulled off the last quarter finishes and reset the board for Quarter Two. I tried to do a mix of quilts for me, strip flannels, and commission work. And I know - Boardwalk, Whimsy, and Dog Sled didn't move at all! But I ordered the perfect backing for Dog Sled, so that's a step...right?

I'm ready to start getting those cards moved to the bottom! And maybe start labeling the Kanban board now that I'm pretty sure this is the layout I'm going for.

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BOMs Away - SWOK April

Ooh, we got an old favorite this month! I've never actually made a whole quilt of friendship stars. I should. Such a classic block, and full of movement.


No alternate blocks this month - I'm working on a couple of minor deadline projects and my kids are off school for the Oklahoma teacher walkout. I've still got six blocks to go, so plenty of time to catch up! (Remind me I said that next month when I still haven't caught up on them.)

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Link up here or at What a Hoot!