100 Day Hustle / Finish Along Final Quarter

Kelsey Sews is joining the ranks of the UFO busters by hosting a 100 Day Hustle - as in, there's 100 days left in 2012 to finish projects!

Which I really didn't need to know.

But since I now know...
{Thanks a lot!}

 Each one of these is a UFO in the block stage.

But they're not really the problem.

This is.

Every single hanger is a finished flimsy that needs to be quilted. Plus there's three basted and partially quilted. Plus there's a couple more on a chair on the other side of the sewing room.
It's starting to be a problem, because although right now it's nice enough to run outside, soon I'm going to want my treadmill to NOT be a quilt hanger!

Plus, 2013 is going to be pretty busy, what with my husband coming back from deployment...our son coming from Korea...and then moving...all by the summer. {No, we don't know where. And we won't find out till January-ish.}

So I'd really like to clear out all half some of these flimsies by the end of the year.

The list {tops awaiting quilting has some pictures, but hasn't been updated recently}:

Frolicking Pinwheels
Swoon a Little, Swoon a Lot
Striped HST Quilt - finished 10/28

PEO Wallhanging - finished 10/14

OMG, y'all. That's 18 flimsies. How did I let it get this bad? Ack! Okay, I'm not focusing on the number. I'm just going to work through the list as best as I can. And if I haven't completed a quilt every.single.week - yell at me.

And really, really - don't let me quilt it and not bind it!