100 Follower Giveaway!

I've been meaning to get this together since I hit 100 last week, but I'm behind on everything online. I'm trying to keep up with blogs, but my poor old laptop can't handle it, and while I read on Flipboard, I end up commenting less because the iPad likes to change my words. #firstworldproblems

But I really do appreciate you followers, and to prove it, I'm going to fall asleep on the couch before finishing this post give away some things.

The newest issue of American Patchwork Quilting, a Jaybird Quilts pattern, and a Denyse Schmidt small project pattern set.

You have two chances for entry. 

First, by being a follower {in the little gadget over there ----->} and commenting as such.

Second, by commenting with your favorite Queen song. "None" is not an acceptable answer. Neither is "the Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody" {get off the computer, Dude.} If you really don't have a favorite, put "Fat Bottomed Girls," because it's my favorite and I like to skew the results.
Giveaway will remain open until next Sunday morning, and Mr. Random will choose the results. As always, don't be no-reply. Seriously. Just don't.

And thanks!