2015 in Review

  Ah, yes, it's that time of year. I've been doing a lot of sewing room cleaning this last week after finishing the last Christmas quilt, checking lists of UFOs, making goals for 2016, etc. But first, it's time to take stock of what I did in the last year.

Run Cara Run / Perserverence / I Run For Wine / Lisa's Magical Year of Running / Scrappy Memories / Marching Band Memories / Rachel Runs / Cora's T-Shirt / Cassie's T-Shirt

This was the first year I started having time reserved for t-shirt quilts, and it worked out well. I'm still working on the balance of t-shirt and regular quilts, but I'll get there. I've got a stack of t-shirt quilts waiting already for 2016 - including a couple of my own!

Ripples and Reflections / Rainbow Churn Dash / Sail Around the World / Shivaun Place

These are some of the best ones of the year - hands down, Ripples is the most beautiful and complicated thing I've ever made. And I still adore the churn dash, and all my wonderful scraps.

Halloween Scrap Buster / Bookshelf Quilt / Minecraft Quilt #1Minecraft Quilt #2

The other big favorites - especially the foray into Minecraft.

What Air Force Boys Are Made Of / Dr Seuss Fresh Air / Not Quite Flower / The Rainbow Connection

A few baby {and slightly-bigger-than-baby} quilts for friends and family.

 Frozen Princess / Frozen Olaf / Cars Quilt

And three panel quilts of varying degree of difficulty. {Ugggggh those princess HSTs!}

And then there were the Instagram minis, a pillow cover for my nephew, and a mini for the Dude's teacher. Some neat techniques explored - curves! Tiny borders! Stained glass! It was a good experience - but I'm also glad I'm just doing a couple private swaps this coming year.

I also made and donated three tops to my local Quilts of Valor - two from my scraps and the third from blocks made by others.

And there was some racing, starting with the awesome Star Wars 10K, half marathon, and kids race. Yes, I'm counting that 100 yard dash with my little Yoda. After that, I buckled down and trained hard - but wrong - for a sub-two half marathon, ending with a terrible run at Missoula in July.

I figured out my training in August and had a fantastic race and PR at Spokane. And now that I know how to train properly, I'll be gunning for that sub-two in June 2016. And hey - adding three more states to the map ain't a bad way to end a year!

And in family news, we celebrated one year home for the Little Man. The Dude continues to be a nerd. We said goodbye to my old cat Tycho after a long illness, and welcomed Creamsicle, who thinks we are all insane but still worthy of cuddling.

Next up: 2016 goals! We are likely to get orders and move this summer, and it's also likely this will be my husband's last military assignment, so we have been doing a lot of talking and life planning in the last month. Like, actually writing down a five year plan and everything! So we have some big stuff to check off the list - and I've got a lot of UFOs to check off mine.