Finish Along - Quarter 4 Goals

My last Finish Along post was anticipating our move - and now we're here!


And after switching my sewing room and the playroom 3-4 times, I'm officially moved in and staying put. The TV is plugged in. Netflix and I are ready to get started on some things!


The most important being, prepping this space for my longarm. Yikes. Some of the bins and shelves will go underneath it {thank goodness} but there's still a lot to be removed. I'm going to be selling off my old craft show stock, and I already handed off all the fleece, satin, and lamé that I'm seriously never going to use.

But, I do not have a delivery date on my preciousssssssssss yet, so it's hard to know what I'll manage to get done this quarter. {Business license, tax exempt certificate, accounting software - yeah, that's the boring adult stuff I have to do first. They do not make for exciting finishes - like, yay, I finished writing my business plan?!}


The only thing I know I have to get done - assuming the longarm is here in time - is a Minecraft quilt for my nephew for Christmas. I still have a ton of squares cut out from the last two, and I'm supplementing with charm packs this time, so the cutting is going faster.

I also plan on finishing my sister's fortieth birthday quilt, but she reads my blog, so there are no pictures. Trust me, it's awesome, and a single sneak peek would give the whole thing away. Her birthday is at the end of November, so again, this is dependent on the longarm's arrival.


In order to reduce the flannel bins, I started piecing more of these strip quilts. I hope to get them quilted...but, say it with me - it all depends on when the longarm gets here.

I also have stacks of unquilted tops, but...let's just leave those off the list till 2018.


Luckily there's still a closet full of quilted tablerunners that only need binding! Yay for slacking - it gives me something to do while I wait for the longarm to get here! {Hey, did you know I can't do much until the longarm gets here?}

So hopefully I'll spend this quarter reducing my clutter and nearly-finished projects, so I can start 2018 with a clean slate...and a longarm!