Christmas Party Skirt - Finished Clothing

And now for something completely different!


My husband's squadron holiday party is "semi-formal or ugly sweater" - which is about as vague of a dress code as you can get. {He's wearing an ugly sweater. Santa riding a unicorn. Someone help me.}

I spotted this fabric {Michael Miller Holiday Party} when looking for Christmas border fabric, and even though my clothing sewing skills are non-existent, I had to give it a try. {Don't worry, I have plenty of backup semi-formal dresses.}


I'm actually pretty darn impressed by those pleats in the front. I thought they would look classier than gathering, and with the help of my math minion, we figured out how deep the three pleats needed to be.


And then check out that pattern matching in the back! I used an elastic waist in the back, because zippers are not my friends... But I don't really love how it looks, so I made a wide sash to cover it. But the sash is kind of gappy, so I'm not sure I'm going to use it, because my limited clothing sewing skills does not help me fix tonight.


It's just past knee length - I was going for shorter, actually, but again - limited sewing skills includes an inability to calculate seam allowances properly. 

And if we get a good picture tonight, I'll update the post. Because I know you all want to see Santa riding a unicorn.

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