BOMs Away - Celtic Solstice December

So last month, I prepped all the remaining HSTs for Block B, with the intent to make/trim five a day so I would be all ready to go this month. Anyone want to guess how many I made out of the forty-four I needed?

That's right - twenty! And then I proceeded to lose half of them! Sigh. I adore having a longarm, but my space is so tight right now that I have to put things where they belong immediately, or they get swept into a drawer or fall behind a pile of other things. It will force me to work on one project at a time, because there's simply no room to have out multiple projects.


So I turned those HSTs into their next step {why does Block B have so many pieces??} and made a few of the flying geese {why does Block B have so many pieces??} And then I gave up for the month, because Block B has so many pieces!! And I'm not even doing the pinwheel in the center!

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or just a monthly report on a leader/ender project? Link up here or at What a Hoot!