Dr Who Epic - a Finished Quilt!

Another year, another 40th birthday quilt! This time it's for my {older} sister, who is a pretty giant nerd. Not that we're ashamed of nerds in our family - see Because Science, Minecraft 2 and Bad Boys of Minecraft...


So there's an awesome bag-maker on Instagram/Etsy named RockBabyScissors, and she has a massive Spoonflower Dr Who collection because her customers are nerds. I bought her scraps in a destash twice, which gave me a well-rounded collection of Dr Who fabric.


Add in the prints sold at Joann's and Fabric.com, and it becomes epic.


I did simple patchwork of 6.5" and 3.5" unfinished squares, fussy cutting out details and trying to use every bit possible. I think it ends up being about fifty different Dr Who prints, nothing used more than three times.


My original plan was to have the smaller four-patches make an X across the quilt, but it didn't look right as a square, so I scattered them around and used a 10x12 layout.


There's still just a hint of the X in the center of the quilt.


There was one piece that was too big to fussy cut, so I used it as the label. I figured it was a good one for that honor!


The binding is a blue stripe I've had in my stash forever - I'm finally down to the last fat quarter of it. The backing is {obviously} more Dr Who - flannel this time. The quilting is lazy freehand orange peels.



{And I have so many scraps of the scraps, I'm going to be selling custom ones in my shop!}

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