Keep on Pedaling - A Finished T-Shirt Quilt

A three-in-one post to finish out the year in t-shirt quilts!


I made three quilts for one family, using shirts and cycling jersey from the patriarch who passed away this summer.


His shirts tell a story about a man who very involved in what I assume was his kids' high school sports, college alma mater, and cycling. {I googled the Death Ride. I can't make it up one mountain pass, much less FIVE!}


He also liked the Raiders and his church - there was a Serve Day shirt for every quilt.


Since I was listening to the Hamilton soundtrack as I finished these, I started thinking about "who lives, who dies, who tells your story."


When I'm feeling sentimental, I think about the part I play in helping people tell their story, and how honored I am that people let me do that.


And then I cried - which is not shocking because I cry at the end of the Hamilton soundtrack every time. {Spoiler alert - Hamilton dies!}

I got to tell sixteen stories this year - a college graduate, a fireman, a close friend, bunches of runners, and five in memory of people who passed away. Every one has meant so much to me. *sniffle* I love you all, thank you so much for trusting me with your stories!