Fraternitas - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

And as I get into the swing of having my own longarm to use whenever I want, I get back into the swing of t-shirt quilts!


This one was done "backwards" - the wife of the firefighter had cut out the shirts, fused some of them, then gave up and handed off the project to her mother. Her mother then contacted me - she's a friend of one of the Dallas runners I worked with before.


So by the time I got them, the design was a little limited by the size the shirts had already been cut. But hey - it saved me cutting time! 

Frisco, the grey square in the middle, is his home station, so we decided to set that one out from the rest.


I had to add some filler, but she did a great job picking fabrics that blend well with the shirts.


The best part is where the fire backing meets water binding.

{The green is Michael Miller Landscapes - in other words, earth - the border and binding are Michael Miller Peaceful Water, and the backing is Timeless Treasures Rescue Fire. The only thing missing is the Airbender!}


Fraternitas is Latin for brotherhood - a fitting title for firefighters.