Coast to Coast Now Retired - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

And finally, the last of the really big t-shirt quilts! This is a celebration of Disney races, and there's a loooooooot here to celebrate.

Lots of race shirts, lots of shirts worn in races, lots of shirts celebrating the races. 

And they're all crammed in there - this is the tightest design I've ever done, but I managed to get everything into a king size shape. It's somewhat separated between Tinkerbell, Princess races, and the regular race weekends, with the other shirts scattered about wherever there was room.

Disney has really mastered the art of multiple races in a weekend - all this plus a 5K, plus I'm pretty sure there was another 5K the next week during a Disney cruise. 

It's quilted in loops and hidden Mickeys - so well hidden that it took me forever to find one to photograph! And I was the quilter, sheesh!

The backing is the utterly amazing stained glass Beauty and the Beast print from Joann's. I'm so glad I got my hands on it!

Way too big for my poor fence. We signed a lease today on a house with a wooden fence, so there will be a new backdrop soon. I don't think anyone is going to miss the chainlink fence! {Or my weeds...}

It didn't have an official name when I was taking pictures. I swear.

But oh! The binding! I'm really starting to enjoy a striped binding. This is Tula Pink's Chipper, picked up on a whim at a friend's fabric sale. It is dead perfect for the back, and pretty darn good on the front, especially with all the Princess and Tinkerbell sections.

And now I am done with t-shirt quilts till after the move - that was twelve in seven months! Whew. It's good to finish it off with the big one.


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