The Best of the PacNW - a Finished Quilt

This quilt - this is my heart and soul. And it's going to my heart and, not my husband, but my other husband. For some reason, when we moved to Washington, I didn't make many friends. Not deliberately, but just the stage of life. But the good friend I made, she was my everything.


We worked out together every Monday. Long bike rides every week. I made her two Bloomsday t-shirt quilts when her sister-in-law died, and she helped cut them out. {Bloomsday 1, Bloomsday 2} We walked to downtown and had day drinking lunches. Ran races together. Watched each other's kids. Had spa dates - she took me out for my anniversary while my actual husband was deployed.

So it was pretty obvious that I was going to make her a quilt, that I had to make her a quilt.


She's a lot more traditional than I am, although she did surprise me - the bright green Tula Pink was her pick. I think it was more for the animals, though. I pulled some pieces from stash to blend everything together {sort of} and round it out to sixteen blocks.

The fabric is all the awesome things about the PacNW - deer and coffee and camping and lakes and ... And a traditional Bear Paw design! I thought about going scrappy and mixing the blocks, but in the end, I decided that one-fabric blocks would work best.


I pieced it on and off in between t-shirt projects for a couple months, then finished it off with a mitered border. {Better at the Lake tree stripe, also the binding.}


It's quilted with my secret heart design, because of course it is. 


The backing is Sweet Meadow flannel, and it's one of the good ones. So exceptionally soft! 


With her new dog, Chloe. She got a dog right before we moved, and threatened to name it Kate so she could still say, "I'm going for a run with Kate" or "I'm getting a coffee with Kate." At least I'm replaced by a total sweetheart!

76" square

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