BOMs Away - Floating Stars

Yay, I did sewing! Not a lot, but a little bit every day. And we're finally to the last boxes of pictures and knick knacks, so everything is slowly falling into place. Of course, my sewing room is still piles of stuff, so it doesn't feel much like progress even though everything is out of boxes.


I attempted a photo of my last few Floating Star blocks, but until I clean up the left side, it's just awkward! I haven't decided if I want to make three more and use this layout - which requires math to get the setting triangles! - or four more and a traditional layout.

Probably four more - they're such easy blocks to make, so why complicate it with an overly fussy layout?

Plus, I have all the bonus HSTs and a great on-point quilt idea for those, so...

So did anyone else work on blocks of the month? Link up here or at What a Hoot!