Bearplane - a Finished Quilt!

Welcome to TGIFF - my first time hosting! - and my first finish in the new house!

Of course, it was actually mostly done in Washington, but I was in no rush to bind it because it's for the Little Man's sixth birthday next week. 


But now it's bound and ready for this VERY IMPORTANT DAY. {He's been practicing the Happy Birthday song for a week now. I keep telling him that we sing it to him, but...}


So the new standard backdrop is this weathered wooden fence. Much better than the chain link and my neighbor's dog toys! 

This was a panel and a fat quarter that I bought after dragging the Little Man around the Spokane Quilt Show for hours last fall. He latched onto the panel, and he had behaved very well all afternoon, so I bought it for him. 

It took no effort at all to cut it into squares and stagger piece it. Which means it was, of course, several months before I did so. And then it sat on the quilting pile for a while until I needed to round up an order to get free shipping - and then it got a backing!


Minky, of course. My children demand it. I love it when I can snag the perfect backing - the exact same kind of airplanes and helicopters! Backing is Shannon Sky Captain, front is Northcutt Baby Zoom Flying High.


The batting was also worth the wait - one of my InMod guild mates got some samples of Quilter's Dream Bamboo batting at QuiltCon, and I won a craft size package. This quilt is tiny {hey, you can only go so large with a panel and a fat quarter!} so the batting was a perfect fit.

Bamboo can be quilted up to 8" apart, so I went super simple and just looped through each block. It's so very soft and cuddly! 


CC approves.


The binding is leftover from a t-shirt quilt. I pulled it out as a contender for the blue in the Dude's Because Science quilt, but realized it was a perfect fit for this one instead. And yay for using a bit of stash!


It's a mere 32x40", but he likes to relocate quilts around the house, so it's a good dragging size. 

And now it's your turn for finishes! Don't forget to check out the other finishes and link back to TGIFF!