BOMs Away - Celtic Solstice September

Now that things are settling into place in the sewing room, I have some space to pull out bigger projects. Celtic Solstice spans three WIP boxes, so it was a good project to work on this weekend.


I cut and sewed and trimmed and pressed and trimmed and sewed...and added three whole blocks to my stack! Sigh.

To be fair, I was using up the last block pieces and trying to decipher my notes on the cut sizes. Now that I'm caught up on all the random bits and can accurately count pieces, it'll be easier to keep track of things. I can cut the fabrics for a flying geese part and piece a few during the week, or the four patches in the other block, etc. 

Only 21 blocks to go!

{Not counting the border. Sigh.}

How is everyone else doing on their BOM? Or a random project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Link up here or at What a Hoot!