Fairies and Butterflies - A Finished Quilt

One of my goals for the year is to get rid of the excessive amount of flannel strips leftover from other quilts. Since I use the longarm, I usually have 3-6" of side strips, plus the excess from the bottom of any quilt. After 5+ years, they're starting to add up! 


Similar to the one last year, I started with a two yard cut of the fairy and butterfly flannel, sliced off a few width-of-fabric strips, then laid it out with my other leftover strips.


This one actually only contains two backing strips - Gigi's quilt and, um, I can't remember which quilt had that pink backing... {This is why I'm doing a blog cleanup!} The rest are scraps from a friend and a piece of "why did I buy that oh yeah it was a remnant and it was on sale." And the pink chevrons are from squadron baby blankets - those were 36" square so I have a loooooooot of 6" strips in pink and blue!


I wanted to practice quilting butterflies...so I did. And they're not hard at all! I plan on using these pieces to learn quilting designs or test out pantographs, so I feel more comfortable offering longarm quilting to others.


The binding is a super chunky 3" in purple chevron, which I just love. It's thick and soft and really, this whole quilt is just all kinds of cuddly. And I used the leftover piece of batting from the Curved Log Cabin Wreath, so it didn't even go into batting scrap storage!