Fruit Salad - An Apple a Day

I decided to do a series of posts this year, of scrappy fruit blocks. It's inspired by the strawberry quilt block I made a few weeks ago - there's lots of strawberry and pineapple quilt blocks out there, but most of the other fruits are ignored! Which is just unfair to the rest of the lovely fruits out there. So I'm giving them their chance to be scrappy quilt blocks.


Of course, I'm starting with one of the most common fruits - but not many of the existing blocks are very scrappy. So here is the scrappy apple block - just one to keep the doctor away!



  • RED - (37) 2.5" squares; (4) 3" squares

  • NEUTRAL - (13) 2.5" squares; (6) 3" squares

  • GREEN - (2) 3" squares

  • BROWN - (2) 2.5" squares

Note: I am using the same neutral (Kona White) through all my blocks, and the same green scrap (Michael Miller Landscape) for all my leaves. That way I can share extra leaf pieces between blocks - this block uses three of the four HSTs, so the fourth is saved for the next one. As Kona White is always readily available, I can pick up more when I run out of my scraps.


To make Half Square Triangles:

  • Draw a line on the 3" neutral squares

  • Pair with the 3" reds and greens

  • Stitch 1/4" on each side of the line

  • Cut on the line

  • Trim to 2.5" square (I use the Quilt in a Day triangle ruler, so I trim before pressing)

  • Press to the darker fabric


Layout the block as shown. Stitch together by row, pressing each row in opposite directions. Press the final seams open.


An Apple a Day - 14.5x18.5” unfinished

I plan on posting one block a month, on the second-to-last Wednesday of the month. At the end of the year, there will be a layout for the Fruit Salad quilt, as well as a pattern including several other layouts and more specific yardage for each one.

If you’d like join me in these blocks, please use #fruitsaladquilt on Instagram or comment here so I can find your blog!