Curved Log Cabin Wreath - A Finished Quilt

Well, this is it, folks. The best quilt I'm going to do all year. No where to go but down in 2018!


But seriously - LOOK AT THIS! It's amazing! It's stunning! It's even got a minky back!


It's from McCall's Quilting Magazine December 1999, which you actually still can find on Amazon. Thank goodness for Amazon!

It's pretty complicated - each block finishes at 7" with 17 pieces, so some of the logs are teeny tiny. There's a total of 952 pieces in the quilt. It helps to do most of the cutting a year before, get so tired of the project that you box it up, then take it out a month before Christmas to actually make it.

But once you do put on your big girl panties and start stitching, it's not very hard. You just have to pay attention to what block you're on {there's 12 different ones} and lay it all out in advance. Four or so blocks a day - then suddenly, they're all done!


The quilting is a mix of custom and stipple/tiny loops. I made it up as I went along - otherwise the silver and the white would have matched. And I totally forgot to quilt the bow! Oops.


The front is obviously very scrappy - I collected the greens, whites, and silvers a couple years ago, and most of the red came from my Christmas stash. You can find both Rudolph and the Grinch in there!


The backing is Sarah Jane's Nutcracker - very Christmas colors without being overtly Christmas. And it's a lovely short nap minky - still soft and cuddly with a little less fuzz all over the sewing room!

The binding is a rather old Sandy Gervais Christmas line, but you can still find this year's online.


56" square

And given to my mother for Christmas! {Isn't she lucky??}

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