Finish Along - Quarter One Goals

Another year, another attempt at an organizational method! Isn't that what January is for? {I'm also running again, coincidentally. But also eating chocolate, because one can't make too many resolutions at once.}


I have wanted to try Kanban since I read a FAL post in 2014. I bought the corkboard forever ago, and finally found a spot for it in my new sewing room. I'm using index cards cut in half and white thumb tacks rather than the typical Kanban post-its. Mostly because CC has been known to remove post-its and eat them.

I haven't put any labels or dividers on it yet because I'm still figuring out the best way to organize it, but so far....

  • The top row is the MUST DO for the week - white is a t-shirt quilt, purple is a normal quilt, pink is a block of the month. If it has a due date, that's on the card. 
  • Next is pending t-shirt quilts
  • Next is the monthly stuff - the BOM gets switched weekly; the Rail Fence and Temperature quilts will have monthly updates; and most importantly - I need that reminder to do my monthly state sales tax!
  • Next is things that are in the piecing stage that I'd like to move along or finish this quarter - one of them can move up to the top when other purples are finished.
  • Next is things that need to be quilted - ie, I can just grab them and finish them, so for the love of CC, just grab and finish them. {Okay, a few need backings.}
  • And last are things that just need binding. Which is way more than one mini, but I don't want to clutter the board. For now.

So at a glance, I know the flannel butterfly strip quilt is Friday's blog post, so I better get that binding on.


After I remove CC...


And instead of jumping willy nilly into a project {cough cough Magnolia Mystery}, I know I have to make my nephew's Cars quilt first. All these leftover scraps will be turned into patchwork blocks with the road running between them.

My blog calendar {yeah, I have one of THOSE now, too} indicates I have eleven Fridays between now and the Finish Along quarter ends, and I have thirteen potential finishes on there. So let's see how many things can go live in the FINISHED section of the board!