Oklahoma - The Pattern!

And finally! After months of planning, tweaking, learning graphics programs, and finally being smart enough to get Lori to do my photos, my first baby is ready for launch!


Oklahoma started as a simple gift for the squadron commander’s wife. From that version, I reworked the bottom edge of the state until I was satisfied with the layout.


Then…I wrote! It took a while to get everything right, and create the graphics, but I finally got the hang of it. I had two ladies from my guild test it. I read through it about a thousand times.


I got the photos back from Lori and cried over how good they are!


And now, it’s finally ready for your hot little hands. Or actually, computer or tablet, since it’s PDF only right now. Get it on Craftsy for $6 for this week only! (40% off until 11/9/18.)


It finishes at 60x70” and uses fat quarters (or scraps!) So…if you live in Oklahoma or love someone who does, grab a copy!

(And if you don’t live in Oklahoma, well, it’s a Scrappy State Series. I’ve already got Washington in progress, and I’m willing to take suggestions for the next state!)

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