2018 Year in Review

This year has been…unexpected. Not in a bad way - not at all! But all the things I thought were my goals at the beginning of 2018, ended up not. The things that did end up happening were generally much better than I had planned, so…screw planning! Let’s just wing it in 2019!

I unexpectedly ran my own scrappy Block of the Month (and planned the next two years’ out!) I unexpectedly made time to write my own patterns - mainly because I had to do the graphics for the BOM, so might as well keep going, right? I unexpectedly had more longarm business than I thought would happen right off the bat, which meant I eased back on the t-shirt quilts. I unexpectedly had a few commission quilts, one of which turned into my first pattern, Oklahoma, and the idea of more scrappy state quilts.

And I unexpectedly took over the southwest OK district for Quilts of Valor, which I have so many plans for! I launched a block drive, and starting this month, I’ll be out talking to guilds and repping QOV at our little local quilt shows, as well as doing quilt assembly and veteran presentations.

So the unexpected has been good. Very good. And I’m just going to keep rolling with it!

So, what did the unexpected accomplish in 2018?

Charm Dash - by Katie Mae Quilts

Charm Dash - buy the printer-friendly version here. Charm Dash was in my sketchbook forever, and in the fall, I finally wrote it out, got some pattern testers, and went for it.

Oklahoma - by Katie Mae Quilts

And Oklahoma - buy the printer-friendly version here. I love this quilt and have SUCH BIG PLANS for the rest of the United States! Stay tuned because I’ll need some testers.

2018 in Review - Katie Mae Quilts

And finally, the ones that started it all The Fruit Salad blocks - and the layout is ready to go on Friday! I love how it came out, and I’ve had so much fun planning and prepping this year’s scrappy edition, the Vegetable Patch. First block for that one goes out on Monday!

2018 in Review - Katie Mae Quilts

Romance in the Magnolias / Iditarod / Curved Log Cabin Wreath / Superhero Color Wheel / Honor Courage Commitment / Turn Right to Go Left / Rainbow Color Wheel / Jester Mama / Treasures of Your Life / Fairies and Butterflies / Little Boy Blue / Cinco de Manito / Superdog x2 / Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Two quilts for me, two quilts for my family, two quilts for donation, three quilts for commission. And six flannel strip quilts! Not a terribly bad ratio. (Although my flannel scrap bins think they should have a higher output.)

Only two of them were UFOs (although I had everything, including the plan, for the Cars quilt before 2018 started), so not a great job at checking things off that list this year. It’s something I’d like to work on again in 2019. But oh, there’s the flannel scrap bins… Everywhere there’s boxes demanding my attention…


Seven mini projects - mostly gifts for others, but a couple to brighten up my sewing room.

Tulip Pillow / Wine Pillows / Sewing Machine Cover / Apple Mini / Pin Hoop / Ballerina Mini / Log Cabin Star Mini


I loved my block of the month! So much fun to make and mail these blocks every month, even the ones I ended up hating. It was a great exercise in color and piecing. I’m sad that it won’t be continuing in 2019!

2018 in Review - Katie Mae Quilts

Space: The Final Frontier / Soccer Snuggles / Worked for Success / Zav / Just Run / Keep On Pedaling 1 / Keep On Pedaling 2 / Episode II: The Miles Continue / Quest for 50 States: Part I

Fewer t-shirt quilts this year, as I made room for quilt commissions and pattern writing. But some new challenges this year - including using “paper” (scanned and printed onto fabric), a shopping bag, and that red dress!

2018 in Review - Katie Mae Quilts

And finally, Quilts of Valor. I actually only made one top (mailed to my Washington chapter before I found out I was in charge of this one) and one quilt, awarded in November. But - I made demo blocks for my block drive, got a bunch of blocks (and tops!) from locals and Instagram, made blocks for another chapter’s block drive, and the book (in which I represent Washington) was released! Plus all the behind-the-scenes planning that you’ll see more of this year.

So, in all? A good year. I’m happy to have these accomplishments in the books. And I’m looking forward to another year of the same.