Turn Right to Go Left - a Finished Quilt!

My youngest nephew had a simple request for his new big boy bed - a Cars quilt. And lucky for him, I happened to have a huge stack of leftover Cars fabric from the Cars quilt I was going to make my oldest, and then finally made for my youngest


My sister requested something like Lori's Fortieth Birthday quilt, with roads instead of plain grey strips. After determining that no manufacturer made simple road fabric, I briefly considered piecing it myself before turning to Spoonflower. 


Spoonflower did not let me down! The "road" was 3.5" unfinished, so I chopped everything into multiples of three and pieced it together wherever it all fit.


I made a creepy Mater section.

Also, an interesting tidbit - Sally does not appear on any of this fabric. No female Car does. And she was certainly more of a main character in the first movie than Ramone was. (Cruz is on the fabric for Cars 3, but I am not buying more Cars fabric! I still have enough after this one to make a third one!)


And the inspiration for the quilt name - obviously it's a quote/huge plot point from the first movie (that I never understood, but I'm a barely competent driver.) However, having grown up in New Jersey and learning to drive there, "turn right to go left" means one thing - a jughandle. So of course I had to put one of those in the quilt!

cars quilt4.jpg

This is the first time I didn't have to think hard about props! With two boys hitting the exactly right age when Cars 1 and Cars 3 came out, we have alllllllll the cars. Red the Firetruck is a favorite.


The backing is Minky dots (of course, any child related to me is picking a minky back); the binding is Timeless Treasures Checkered Flag, and the Cars fabric has been picked up here and there for years. 

The quilting is Caliente - a free pantograph from Urban Elementz. Definitely an excellent fire! I don't love my freehand flames, so this is a better option. I used a variegated red/orange/yellow from Superior Threads (Omni 9405) that was in my welcome pack from Gammill/Linda's Electric Quilters


And the road is the perfect size for driving around on! Hopefully my nephew will not have too many car crashes on it.


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