Quest for 50 States: Part 1 - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

First t-shirt quilt of the year, and it's a big one! And gorgeous. But I might be biased because of the minky backing.

emily tshirt quilt1.jpg

I never really know how to take pictures when they're this big. I had to add another bungie cord to the fence! Anyway, she is from Portland, so there's a lot of PacNW races represented here, including two that I ran with her! Portland Rock'n'Roll 2014 and Vegas RNR 2014. Well, I guess Vegas isn't very PacNW.

She also did the Portland/Seattle/Vancouver Rock'n'Roll races in 2015, which I believe was the last year they offered Portland and the Cascadia medal for doing all three. (I got mine in 2014.)

emily tshirt quilt3.jpg

There's also a couple Disney races, so in addition to the meander quilting, there's a couple hidden Mickeys. 

The name (Quest for 50 States: Part 1) is because she's planning on running a half marathon in every state. And she's over halfway! I'm only on twelve...I better get hustling! I'm checking off Utah next month in Moab - such a hardship to race there! 

emily tshirt quilt4.jpg

To tie it all together, she chose this fantastic border and binding. And because I'm awesome, I made sure the directional border was all the proper direction. 

Border: Camelot Pink Lemonade Slices

Binding: Robert Kaufman Spot On Metallic Pindot

emily tshirt quilt5.jpg

And let's just talk about that fantastic backing. I started offering minky as an option this year, and she jumped right on it, picking this paisley textured piece of awesomeness. Even though I was vacuuming up fuzz for the next week, it was totally worth it.

Backing: Shannon Embossed Paisley Cuddle Watermelon

emily tshirt quilt2.jpg