Tiptoe Tulip Pillow - a Mini Finish

My mother's side of the family is all Dutch, so I've always had an inherent love of tulips. Tulip mania was one of the few economic concepts I really understood. (See also: Beanie babies/child of the 90s.) So when Jennie designed a tulip quilt block, I was pretty excited to make a table runner!

Of course, then I got sick and got behind on all my quilt work, so the table runner became one single block. And then I finished it during an ice storm, on the greyest and dreariest days we've had here, so that single block became a cheerful couch pillow.

tulip quilt block pillow4.jpg

And I do like it there, a lot. (At least until my boys come home from school and discover another thing to throw on the floor for no reason whatsoever.)

tulip quilt block pillow.jpg

I used the leftover yellow from Because Science, with unknown greens and yellow/pinks from my scrap bin, and a Zen Chik grey background.

I don't actually recommend making one block - the half-rectangle triangles yield parts for two separate blocks, but because of the orientation, it's impossible to use them in one block. So I have some leftover triangle bits, in case I ever want to make another.

tulip quilt block pillow2.jpg

The backing - well, that's why it's a pillow. I was searching in my yellow scrap bin for good yellow to bind it as a mini, and I found this piece. The little florals are tulips! And I had just about enough to make an envelope back. So I did.

tulip quilt block pillow3.jpg

This is all the selvage I had, but it's enough to tell me that this came out of my mother's stash. Fitting.

tulip quilt block pillow1.jpg

And in addition to the pillow brightening up my living room, the props are now brightening up my kitchen!


Pattern: Tiptoe by Porch Swing Quilts (free until the end of the quilt along!)

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