WiP - February

February was...not a healthy month here. Both kids came home from school sick - on separate days, of course. And I spent nearly a week with a nasty cold. And now the Little Man is ending the month with strep throat. Ugh - winter!

But I managed to get some things done, despite my influx of "coworkers."

february finishes.jpg
february blocks.jpg
february projects.jpg

I finished a t-shirt quilt and attempted to take pictures of it by our local rocket - it went as well as anything does in Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plains...) Cut out a second t-shirt quilt. 

Added another 14 rail fence blocks - 76/192 - still not even halfway. And my temperature quilt is up to date. See that pink in the row second from the bottom? That was 81º. And that purple, four days behind it? That was 8º. No wonder we're all sick!


And I wrote a tutorial for some big heart blocks. (16"!)

lemon scrap block.jpg

And another scrappy fruit block tutorial!

And I have left my patient on the couch alone for too long, so it's time to snuggle for the rest of the day. And then wash my hands. A million times.

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