Episode II: The Miles Continue - A Finished T-shirt Quilt!

This is a special one - a repeat of my first "real" customer! Sure, I did some t-shirt quilts for friends and friends of friends, but this was the first person who didn't vaguely know me and trusted me with her shirts, back in 2014. 


So having her back for another round was quite awesome! (Clearly she likes my work.)


She cleared out a bunch of Illinois race shirts - there were about a half dozen Chicago marathon shirts.


And every time I say "I can use almost anything!" someone has to test me. This was a knit beanie hat. I framed it in cotton to make sure it wouldn't get out of shape, but other than that, I had no issues! So keep testing me, people. 


The quilting is a meander, with a couple hidden Mickeys on the Disney shirts.


And the backing! Two funky cat backings in a row! This one is Atomic Tabbies. The border Remix Metallic is  and the binding is Peanuts - yes, as in Charlie Brown.