Keep On Pedaling - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

And the last of five cycling/Raiders/Oregon/church/etc t-shirt quilts! This one is for the grandson, and combines some new shirts, some pieces of shirts from the previous four quilts, and a bit of filler fabrics - backings and bindings from the previous quilts.


So it took a bit more planning, but it's wonderful to know that the young fellow has bits of every quilt in his. It's like the t-shirt scrap quilt!


I made a little Death Ride section, because that impresses the heck out of me. I can barely get up hills, much less PASSES, on my bike.

Also, I asked the parents' permission to include the shirt on the left - "the best dam ride." I think it's hilarious, but the Dude has his own dam stick, so I might not be the best judge...


The quilting is loops and stars. The fabrics used are: Graphique Bike Toss, Oregon Block Print, Raiders Black/Silver, and Sweet Rebellions Chain Scroll.


And the back! So they asked if they could combine Raiders and Oakland A's fabric. Sure, why not? When I say you can make it personal, I mean it, people!


I love the fact that the binding and the name are the same in all five quilts - it's a great way to tie it all together.