Space Coast: The Final Frontier - a Finished T-Shirt Quilt

For five years in a row, my friend Lori ran the Space Coast half marathon, earning two special medals - the Milky Way Challenge and the Intergalactic Challenge. Then she packed up her shirts and sent them to me to work my magic.


And that's what I did! 

(And she did me the favor of taking all the pictures - woo no editing! Thanks Lori Barbely Photography!)


I used the shirt fronts as usual, and then carefully cut out either the sleeves or the sides for the space shuttle designs. And the shirts always had two, so the other one is hoarded for a pillow for the Dude.


Fun fact: if you ask the Dude what STS-6 is, he can tell you off the top of his head, "first flight of the Challenger." And he doesn't think that's weird!


And then Lori, um, well, I let her pick her own backing. And you should never search "galaxy cats" on There are more choices than there ought to be.


The quilting is loops and stars and...


...that's no moon. (It's a banana.) (Okay, it's a crescent moon.)


The purple border and binding are Dance of the Dragonfly. The blue (which glows in the dark!) on the front is Star Magic Nite.


The backing is Cat Heads in Space. Seriously. At least it's an honesty in advertising!


Oh, and I'm not sure why she picked the name final because the race is doing another four-year series, and since it's classic space (starting with Project Mercury), the Dude and I will be running it. With her. 


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