Finish Along Quarter 2 Goals

Well, the Kanban board appears to be working! Along with a blog calendar and my consultant reorganizing my plans. (Seriously, I said I was going to do the taco strip quilt this week, and Lori said not till Cinco de Mayo. And she's right, of course.)

quilter kanban 1

She still can't help me get straight pictures... (Mostly because she won't move to rural Oklahoma and take all my pictures for me! Rude!)

Anyway, The only thing that really changed is I got tired of swapping out my BOM every week, so those are just their own row now. And I added a card for quilts I'm longarming for others.

The finished quilt cards on the bottom are nice to look at! (Monthly roundups of finishes: January / February / March)

quilter kanban.jpg

I pulled off the last quarter finishes and reset the board for Quarter Two. I tried to do a mix of quilts for me, strip flannels, and commission work. And I know - Boardwalk, Whimsy, and Dog Sled didn't move at all! But I ordered the perfect backing for Dog Sled, so that's a step...right?

I'm ready to start getting those cards moved to the bottom! And maybe start labeling the Kanban board now that I'm pretty sure this is the layout I'm going for.

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