Orange You Glad - A Fruit Salad Block

Knock knock.

Who's there?

Orange you glad I didn't finish that joke?

Orange You Glad - a Fruit Salad Block by Katie Mae Quilts

My oldest is not a fan of the classic knock knock joke, but I have a feeling the younger one will be totally into it once he learns how to tell jokes. He also tends to repeat things a lot, so once he gets that that’s part of the joke, there will be no stopping him!

Wait - no one tell him about this joke. Or his brother’s joke books. (Back when we were trying to give the Dude a sense of humor. It didn’t take.)

Anyway! The orange block! One of my favorites (so much that I included it twice in the final layout) even though I don’t have a ton of orange scraps. I don’t use much orange, but the orange that I have are among my most beloved fabrics. Weird.

Get the printer-friendly pattern here!

I am using the same neutral (Kona White) in all my blocks, and I use the Quilt in a Day triangle ruler to trim my half square triangles.

Orange You Glad - a Fruit Salad Block by Katie Mae Quilts

Orange You Glad - 16.5x18.5" unfinished

If you’re joining me in these blocks, please use #fruitsaladquilt on Instagram or comment here so I can find your blog! There will be one block a month, free on Craftsy until Jan 31, 2019. In December 2018, there will be a layout pattern for the entire Fruit Salad quilt, as well as more specific yardage.