Superhero Color Wheel - A Finished Quilt

When I scribbled out my idea for the Color Wheel quilt, I thought it could easily be done with scraps or regular fabric. I started with my scrappy version, but it went together so fast that I had plenty of time to make a second version to test my cutting and layout.


I had a bundle of Marvel superhero fabrics and shot cottons, so I didn't even have to think about coordinating! Just sliced it up and alternated the prints with the colors.


The background and binding are from Joann's and aren't online anymore. And naturally I tossed the selvage with the info!


I posted an Instagram picture of CC while I was cutting the border, and Lyn asked if there was any female superheros on the fabric. (After my rant about the Cars fabric with no Sally!) There is, in this one piece, a tiny bit of Black Widow. Or Scarlet Witch. Honestly, in black and white, I can't tell the difference. Not great for distinguishing your female characters, Marvel.


There is female superhero fabric at Joann's and - well, Black Widow and Wonder Woman. And I was tempted when I was buying the border, but I figured a general superhero fabric would be better, because I was trying to use up my bundle.


Ahem. So anyway. Feminist rant aside.


The backing is gray minky stars. The quilting is loops and stars - and I realized afterward that I should have done a loop around the star like Cap's shield. (We're totally Team Cap here.)

I haven't filled in the label because I don't think I want to call it Superhero Color Wheel. But I don't know what to call it. So it remains blank for now.

Pattern is my own Color Wheel, from the tutorial on Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


52" square

Like the original Color Wheel, this one will be donated to a local family who lost their home in a wildfire a few weeks ago.

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