Superdogs - A Finished Quilt

Wait - actually - it's finished quiltS! But they're almost the same quilt, so they get to share a post. 


These came about because I purchased this superdog flannel for a Minecraft quilt backing, because I thought the recipient was younger. I ended up getting the paw prints that is one of the strips instead.


The quilts aren't exactly the same - the layout is different and one is slightly longer - but they work well as twin quilts.


For the quilting, I tried loops and dog bones. My first attempts were a little wonky, but by the end of the second quilt, I was pretty good at them!


The backing for both is more of the superdog fabric. Out of the five yards I had, there's only a few strips left! The binding is the dark blue flannel strips, cut to 3", which I adore. It's such a thick, cozy binding.


I did forget to put my label on them...but I'm thinking these quilts might just need one of my little labels anyway. Once I figure out which drawer I put those in...!


I used up most of the paw prints, plaid, and tie dye as well! They might not be the most exciting of quilts, but the reduction of the flannel scrap bins is always worth celebrating. I already have the next backing ready to go!

And the batting inside is pieced from scraps - I can alllllllmost close my batting bin now.