BOMs Away - Pieceful Swappettes May

Ooh, May's blocks are something I have had pinned foreeeeeever and never got around to making myself. And now I know why.


Two blocks took almost three hours to make. And I think in trying to make them scrappy, I went too light on the color scheme. (It's supposed to be the pink and purple of Rapunzel's dress.)

And I seriously hate making chevron block parts instead of HSTs - sure, there's no seam in the center of the block but there's a pile of leftover triangles! Grumble grumble.

I guess we'll see what the queen bee thinks of the colors, or if I'll be attempting this again next weekend.

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Link up here or at What a Hoot!