Sewing Machine Dust Cover - a Mini Quilt Finish

A few weeks ago, I took a class on using my longarm - we had to bring a quilt sandwich and practiced pantographs, ruler work, and general machine maintenance.


I was left with a big hunk of fabric with various designs on it. Rather than waste all of it, I decided to cut off the star pantograph portion and bind it. I thought it would be a nice Memorial Day/Fourth of July wall hanging or table topper or something...


...until I remembered that because I use huge cones of thread to piece, I have to use a cone holder. And the cat is an idiot and always tries to eat the thread where it dangles, so I tuck it into the top of my machine when I'm done for the day. But she's an even bigger idiot and has started trying to pull the thread out of there to eat it.


Which makes this the perfect little solution. It's just the right size to drape over the machine and tuck around so the idiot can't get to the thread. And the added bonus of being a dust cover! And pretty! And not a waste of a perfectly good piece of quilting!

So that was a rather nice little finish. There's one other motif on the piece that I want to use, so stay tuned for that!


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