Cinco de Manito - A Finished Quilt

So, my church back in Spokane has an annual auction to raise money for its ministries. I've donated a t-shirt quilt (Shelly's), a tablerunner, and a quilt in the past. And even though we moved this summer, I knew I want to still send something!


I sent off an email asking for the theme, and I was told Cinco de Mayo, since it's being held tomorrow evening. Well, I happened to have some taco flannel leftover from this t-shirt quilt, so serendipity won out!


I found the Taco 'Bout Awesome flannel at Joann's and bought the usual two yards - 1.5 for the back and three 6" cuts for the front.


Then I dove into my flannel scrap bins and found...almost nothing that matched. I have a ton of blue, pink, and purple, but almost nothing in greens and yellows! The yellow dots and green squares were all I could find.


So after trying out every bit of red that really didn't work, I headed to my local quilt shop and bought the multi-colored squares. You know, a whole yard so I could use it for binding, too.

In case you're counting, yes, that's three yards purchased to make this scrap flannel quilt.


But my church (Manito UMC) was awesome and totally worth it, so.... I've forgotten just how hard it is to church shop after you've had a really good one. We haven't been so welcomed into a church community since college - nearly twelve years and five moves!

Eventually we might find a new church home. Until then, I'm still supporting the place where my heart is. And I'm kinda sad that the quilt gets to hang out with them this weekend and I don't!