Jester Mama - A Finished Quilt

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In honor of the Fourth of July, I'm ending a 3-RWB-quilt streak with this lovely finish.


Our squadron commander is about to move, and the Key Spouses wanted to do something nice for his wife. Which meant I got a message asking, "Hey, so we thought maybe..." And so I put their thoughts into a quilt!

I'n not sure I managed to get the bottom of Oklahoma perfectly right - but my husband told me I was obsessing and everyone will know it's Oklahoma. I also think the panhandle is too short...but I'm thinking about redoing it for a pattern, so I have another chance to get it right.


The fabric is red, white, and blue, with a hint of gold - our squadron colors. And highly appropriate for an Air Force quilt! I used quarter yards and fat quarters of a few different fabrics (Americana fabric / low volume) and supplemented a bit with scraps. 


In case you ever wanted to where in Oklahoma we lived - pretty much at the bottom west, nearly in Texas.


The quilting is straight up my favorite part. I did upsie-downsie loops in the neutral blocks - kind of elongated wishbones. It meant I had to do a lot of starts and stops around the edges of Oklahoma, but totally worth it. Then I did organic orange peels in Oklahoma. (Organic is, of course, code for just vaguely aiming for the corners of the blocks.)


The backing was from my stash - I bought it at a sale a few years ago. Sometimes it's nice having something the exact right colors on hand! And the Stars and Stripes binding also came from stash.

And no, the quilt didn't have a name yet when I was taking pictures!



And now it's your turn! Link up your finishes, and take a break from yelling at your kids in the car on your road trip and visit a few of the other finishes. The global hosts and I would appreciate a link back here so that others know where to find the linky party!