Worked for Success - A Finished T-Shirt Quilt

And the last of my "secret sewing" - a graduation gift for a young lady in New Jersey! See if you can guess where she decided to go to college.


Her mother contacted me last fall, I think - I made a quilt for her friend's daughter and she wanted the same sort of thing, especially the Catholic school skirt. No problem - I can work with just about anything! 


And apparently she decided to challenge me. She wanted some documents - honors certificates, her diploma, an article about the charity work her daughter was involved in. Oh, and some pictures.

Um, I know I say anything, but...paper? Photos? This is a quilt! Made of fabric! ....wait, you know who prints anything on fabric? That's right, Spoonflower! So I googled and found an article about creating large scale pictures. Downloaded the software, scaled the pictures and documents, dumped them in a yard-size JPG, and uploaded it. And crossed my fingers.


And to my surprise it worked!

I did a little bit of plain white framing to get the photos to the same sizes, and some colored framing to keep the documents from fading into the background. Then I played around in EQ until everything fit, cut some long strips of the red Bama fabric, and pieced away. With the few actual t-shirts in this t-shirt quilt, as well. 


Look at that prom picture section! So now I can officially say that none of you customers have stumped me yet! Keep trying, I dare you! (Not really, please don't. Just t-shirts is much easier!)


Her backing is lovely Alabama fleece, which is very soft and I am tempted to make a scarf with the scraps even though I'm not a Bama fan. (I'm not not a fan, either. I don't have a college team. I went to a Division III school.) The binding is a tame grey dot and the sashing is more Alabama fabric.

It's quilted in loops, and its full name is "I never dreamed about success, I worked for it. -Estee Lauder"



And ready for its journey to the South!

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