BOMs Away - Flags for Sue

I took a break from my usually scheduled BOMs this week to make a few flags for Sue - a friend of Alycia Quilts who recently passed away. Sue was a huge supporter of Quilts of Valor, so Alycia asked for flag blocks to make some QOVs to honor her.


Well, of course I'm in for something like that! The flag blocks were easy to make, and I love the idea of honoring a QOV quilter in this way. In fact, I used one of my very favorite QOV blues in one of them.

To save a bit of cutting time, I used the same red stripe in all of them, so hopefully she gets enough donations that they don't end up in the same quilt. (After all, QOV yardage doesn't become QOV scraps unless it gets cut!)

All of the block and shipping info is in Alycia's blog post, so if you're so inclined, she's collecting blocks until Sept. 1.

Also, a few months ago I started an account on Instagram, QuiltsforCharity, for just this reason - helping connect quilters with block drives and other donation events. So if you're on Instagram, feel free to follow, and let me know of block drives I might have missed!

And also also - it's Prime Day! Keep an eye out for quilting books and other possible steals. Like a Fire Stick for my sewing room TV....

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Link up here or at What a Hoot!