BOMs Away - Temperature Quilt

This week, we were off to Space Camp for the Dude, and I brought along a couple projects to work on. But between an unfamiliar place (the iron was...spitty), an unfamiliar machine (my usual was in the spa for the week) and needing to entertain the Little Man, not much really got done. 


I fixed a section that was wrong, and started on the next row. And I updated my spreadsheet through the summer, since the last time I worked on it was April. And...that's it!

BUT - summer is officially over - the kids go back to school on Wednesday - and I'm doing laundry and cleaning and getting everything ready to bounce right back into sewing. I should be highly motivated for, like, a week. Maybe even to the end of August! 

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Link up here or at What a Hoot!