BOMs Away - Eternal Bloom Center, Block A

Oooh - finally getting back on track with this one! I haven’t worked on Eternal Bloom since…oh my, May 2018. And of course, I couldn’t find the in-progress Block 10 anywhere. I checked the Pam Bon scrap box, the Pam Bono to make box… I found the Pam Bono finished box, but it was buried under another stack of boxes behind a cabinet. And it’s not terribly likely that I put an unfinished block in there anyway, so I left it be and moved on.

Eternal Bloom by Katie Mae Quilts (Pam Bono pattern)

Instead of just moving on to something else completely, though, I pulled out the center section and made the two Block As. Which did take most of the afternoon, but they look great! (I always say that about the red blocks.) I wish the two reds had a bit more contrast, but I didn’t want to go digging again for another scrap.

And bonus - if I pulled out a color, I cut everything, so all the green and yellows are ready for their next spot! This section has six separate blocks, so it will take a while. But, I’m pretty hopefully that I can get it together this year if I keep it in BOM rotation each month. Given that it’s the reason I started co-hosting BOMs Away with Lyn, I should really keep at it! (And find Block 10…eventually…)

So… Did anyone else work on (or start) a BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or a few blocks for someone else’s charity project? Link up here or at What a Hoot!