BOMs Away - Veggie Patch Eggplant

Oooh, our first big one! The eggplant is longer than the last couple of blocks to accommodate its big butt…much like me. Except I don’t look near as good in purple!

Eggplant Block - Veggie Patch by Katie Mae Quilts

(Photo by Lori Barbely /

This is the first time you don’t really have a color option! I suppose eggplants might come in different shades, but really - purple is where it’s at. Party on, purple.

I’m working on a set of quilts for the Lilac Day Parade in Spokane, so I’m drowning in purple scraps right now. It’s fun, but oh so not my usual color scheme! I never knew how hard it was to blend purples until I started buying for this.

But the eggplant - you can just throw any deep purple in there. In fact, some of my scraps are almost magenta. It all goes when it’s scrappy!

Get the printer-friendly instructions here! The block will be free for a month until the next one posts - but don’t be too upset if you miss one. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Hopatong Community Garden, so you’ll be helping a great cause run by one of my good friends.

I’m using a variety of Kona browns for the background fabric this time. I also use the Quilt in a Day triangle ruler to trim my half square triangles.

If you’re joining me in these blocks, please use #veggiepatchquilt on Instagram or comment here so I can find your blog!

And so… Did anyone else work on (or start) a BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or a few blocks for someone else’s charity project? Link up here or at What a Hoot!