The Second Set of Strips - a Finished Quilt!

Second verse, same as the first, a little bit…well, actually, a little bit softer? And definitely not worse!

SWOK Quilt Guild Strip Challenge by Katie Mae Quilts

I told you all about the guild’s strip challenge three weeks ago, with my Scrappy Happy Rails. This week, it’s what happened to the blocks that weren’t quite 9.5” tall. (Which happens in group projects!)

For this one, I really wanted to do something that looked more modern - something that would make the guild say “Well that ain’t your grandmother’s quilt.” Inspired originally by the Seattle MQG charity quilt, I trimmed them to 9” and then cut 60º triangles from the strips. I only had 24 triangles, though, so I knew I couldn’t pull off that design.

I started doodling on equilateral triangle paper, and Pinteresting, and eventually came up with this quilt by Quilt Matters. Uses exactly 24 triangles? Check. Pretty darn modern? Check! I also studied Slice of Pi’s Rough Around the Edges to decide how I wanted to do the edges.

SWOK Quilt Guild Strip Challenge by Katie Mae Quilts

Obviously I decided on straight edges. Partly because it was easier (and I was running out of time) and partly because I could cut those triangles from my strips that I was already cutting.

SWOK Quilt Guild Strip Challenge by Katie Mae Quilts

The quilting is Lombard Street again from the book 180 Doodle Designs. The great thing about the book is it shows you how to do the design in a square, in a row, and in a triangle. So it was very easy to move from the squares of Scrappy Happy Rails to the triangles here. Well, not perfectly easy - there’s one triangle where I screwed up the direction. But quit looking for it, mmmkay?

SWOK Quilt Guild Strip Challenge by Katie Mae Quilts

The backing is from Hobby Lobby, because again, I was looking for a fast finish and I didn’t have anything in my stash that really worked. It’s more of a terry cloth than a minky, but it’s a bright, cheery design, and it’s hella soft. Really adds to the texture of the quilting, and I love how it looks on the back.

SWOK Quilt Guild Strip Challenge by Katie Mae Quilts

Seriously, that texture! And the colors are just perfect!

The binding is also a 30s print that I have in my stash - I’ve used it for several other bindings. I’m not a huge fan of 30s prints, but this one works nicely as a Quilts of Valor binding. Since I have 2+ yards, it’ll be on a few more quilts!

SWOK Guild Strip Quilt Challenge by Katie Mae Quilts

And though it’s a little squished - it’s hard to get that many quilt in one picture! - here’s the guild with all the finished quilts! We have quite the variety - you can see pictures of each quilt here.

SWOK Quilt Guild Strip Challenge by Katie Mae Quilts


BTW - Quilting Jetgirl has a nifty little equilateral triangle quilt calculator on her blog, which I discovered after I asked the local math genius how I would know how wide my quilt would be, and he shrugged and said, “Geometry is next year.”

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