The Green Project - A Finished Quilt

I’ve been part of a Facebook group called “Just Wanna Quilt” for over a year now - it’s run by a law professor at Tulane, and dives into issues of copyrights and quilts. Which is fascinating and covers everything from what can be copy-written, first sale doctrine, Facebook scams, quilt teaching contracts, and a whole host of other things.

Elizabeth, the lead law professor and a quilter, recently asked for volunteers to make something with one yard of green fabric. I volunteered, and dived into Pinterest for ideas. (The green isn’t really “my” color.) For some reason, a vintage quilt caught my eye, and I spent a bit of time in EQ8 fiddling with the design.

So…without further ado…

The Green Project by Katie Mae Quilts

My Green Project! This is my version - a fairly modern, three color quilt highlighting the green fabric.

Ready for the inspiration?


It’s this! This quilt is from Julie Silber’s collection of vintage quilts - she dates it to mid-20th century. It’s obviously very scrappy, unlike mine!

There are so many elements of this quilt that I “copied” for mine. The quarter log cabins in the corners are exactly the same. The middle-outer blocks are simplified to elongated flying geese in mine, but I use the same starter triangle to frame the center block and “hearth” in the log cabin. (Blue-green floral in the inspiration, green in mine.) The red check nearly matching in the vintage is what inspired me to match the cabin logs to the flying geese to create the ring. I made my center block an economy square instead of the framed square, but it’s a very similar design.

The Green Project by Katie Mae Quilts

Yet because of the placement of the dark purple as an outer ring, the design looks very different and ended up reminding most people of a Moroccan tile design instead! So I’m left to wonder - if I never posted the vintage quilt, would anyone have know that I copied? Could I have released the pattern as an original design? How much of what we do is new, anyway?

The Green Project by Katie Mae Quilts

And the quilt deets! The green is Kaffe Fassett. Lori helped me choose the color palette of light and dark purple - the light is Moda, the dark is Kona Bay. I used the Kona Bay in Queen B’s quilt, as well, and ended up buying the rest of the bolt from my local quilt shop for this one. It was made in 2005! (My LQS is a gem for these old prints.)

The Green Project by Katie Mae Quilts

The back is Joann’s flannel that I had on hand, bound in the Kona Bay purple. After the quilt is finished doing its copyright thing over at Tulane, I asked for it to be donated to a children’s charity - hence the soft flannel backing.

The quilting is hump-y wobbles in the outer rings, and swoosh-y things in the center. I still don’t love custom quilting! Maybe if I wasn’t afraid of rulers. Or, to be honest, I’ll probably upgrade to a computer before I get over my fear of rulers.

The Green Project by Katie Mae Quilts

45” square

It’s on its way to New Orleans (along with Hurricane Barry) and I’ll add to this post if it ends up getting displayed or traveling!

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