Eagle Panel - a Finished Quilt

When you work with Quilts of Valor, you start collecting Americana quilt panels. They’re a quick finish - and highly requested! This one was requested by the daughter of a vet, for a presentation during her parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary party.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

Since I had three eagle panels just hanging out, I agreed to the request and got to work! I had already started the half/quarter square triangles (three quarter square triangles?) months ago, so I made a few more and fiddled with the layout until I was satisfied. Then there came the issue of how to frame out the panel to make the next border fit.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

There was a hot debate between red and blue - and by hot, I mean literally everyone but me voted for blue. I still maintain that I’m right. But to appease literally everyone else, I went with blue on this one. It’s actually leftover bits of a wide backing - so far, 6 yards has yielded 4 quilting backings, a binding, and this inner border.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

And the wind gave you a peek at the backing! Just a blue tonal wide back - expect to see it several more times, too. Including the binding here. The red is Moda from my local quilt shop, the blue in the triangles is an ancient bit of stash, and the cream is Modern Neutrals by Amy Ellis - also a long term stash dweller.


And I didn’t get any pictures during the ceremony! It’s always hard when you’re solo-presenting. But rest assured, the vet was surprised and very happy.

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