Main Street Rainbow - a Finished Quilt!

Wow, it feels like forever since I had a finished quilt. I guess that’s what happens when you hurt your sewing foot…and go on vacation in August…and longarm/finish other people’s quilts… This quilt was finished last week, but it took a little jaunt to the county fair and came home with a blue ribbon before its photo shoot.

Main Street Rainbow by Katie Mae Quilts

And oooh, isn’t it lovely? This has been in progress for nearly forever! Way back in 2012, I got a checkbook cover from my at-the-time LQS, Prairie Quilt, as a Christmas gift or a Saturday Sampler giveaway, or…something.

Main Street Rainbow by Rebecca Barker

Image courtesy of Rebecca Barker Quiltscapes - please do check her out! She draws absolutely lovely quilt prints and cards, and was very awesomely generous in letting me post about this quilt. Especially since my checkbook cover has worn out as I worked on the design.

And that fabulous quilt was so inspiring! I couldn’t find a pattern anywhere, but really, it’s just squares and sashing. So I worked it up (ignoring the Y-seams in the drawing, because ain’t nobody got time for that) and ordered the grays.

Main Street Rainbow by Katie Mae Quilts

Of course, I ran out of the light gray along the way, and of course, that is the only gray that’s been discontinued from the Dimples line in the last ten years. But I think it’s pretty hard to spot the slightly-different gray. Quit looking at it so hard. Sheesh.

Main Street Rainbow by Katie Mae Quilts

And if you thought the front was vibrant, then there’s the BACK! This was actually my second choice, but I’m quite pleased with it. It makes a good binding, too.

The quilting is just a stipple, because I’m in a major quilting rut right now. It doesn’t help that standing hurts, so I tend to get the quilting done fast without thinking too much about it. Something subtle that tacks down all those little scrappy bits that aren’t exactly straight on grain? Stipple it is!

Main Street Rainbow by Katie Mae Quilts

And yes - not one single scrap is repeated in the front. Which takes considerable effort considering I started on it in 2013! There’s my sister’s Big Blue quilt, hanging out with the accent I used on a butterfly dress for my niece. There’s the pink plaid from Bad Romance’s back, chilling with a modern print who’s quilt isn’t even close to done. (I should work on that. There should be a rule about finishing a scrap quilt while the scraps are in a UFO.)

Main Street Rainbow by Katie Mae Quilts

I do not know how to get a good quilt swirl.

Dimples - Sand / Cool Grey / Medium Gray (Manatee!) / Dark Gray

Backing/Binding - Wilmington Safari, So Goodie (hee!) Rainbow Dots

Main Street Rainbow by Katie Mae Quilts


And yes, I’m writing up a little free tutorial so you don’t have to run out of gray fabric like me!

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