BOMs Away - Quilts of Valor March

No presentations this month, but after February - that’s okay! I reached out to a couple guilds and set up some tentative meeting dates, printed some new postcards with the Friendship Chain blocks to drop off at my local quilt shops, and did a bit of piecing.

Quilts of Valor Panel by Katie Mae Quilts

I finished a top, but totally forgot to take pictures of it! I also pieced these border blocks for a panel. It’ll get a red border first to bring it to the proper size for this border. And then I need to decide what to do in the corners - a plain half square triangle, or a simplified birds in the air block?

Friendship Chain by Katie Mae Quilts

I worked on Friendship Chain using a layer cake, and while I think it’s quite nice, it’s a little too complicated for a pattern. There’s a bit too much “if your layer cake doesn’t have 21 neutral squares, you need X yards to replace every four missing squares...” I’ll still finish this one as an example and eventually a QOV donation.

Quilts of Valor Sampler by Katie Mae Quilts

And finally - or firstly, I suppose! I made three more blocks for my almost-local shop’s monthly sampler. We did indeed get a $15 coupon in February, so I dove into the RWB stash and came up with these…uh…random bits. Whatever - there’s going to be nine months of 6” blocks, they’ll all come together in the end, right?

My goals for the next month are to get two tops finished, quilted, and donated! And keep on working on growing the area.

And so… Did anyone else work on (or start) a BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or a few blocks for someone else’s charity project? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

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BOMs Away - Quilts of Valor February

Ooooooooh we had quite the February here in Kate’s Quilts of Valor Land. To the point that I’m a little tired of red/white/blue fabrics. First up was National Sew Day - I had a few people come to the local quilt shop to learn how to make my little Friendship Chain block. In all, they made ten blocks, and several of them will be in this post!

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

After Sew Day, I quilted and bound and pieced and quilted and bound… (Can you tell I got that red star and blue star backing on sale?) We held a ceremony on February 23, and handed out sixteen Quilts of Valor! So, without further adieu, meet the ten I contributed.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

This top was made by the QOV Colorado group, and sent to me by Alycia Quilts. I quilted it with loops and stars, and bound it in the Kanvas All American from my SWOKQG Sampler.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

This quilt was made by one of my guild mates, Sally.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

This top was sent by an Instagram friend, Bethanie. And y’all - her border is pattern matched perfectly AND mitered corners! I quilted it in a stipple (loops and stars somehow felt too modern) and bound it in Downton Abbey fabric.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

This one is secretly my favorite of this batch - ssh, don’t tell my own quilts that! Especially the Friendship Stars! The blocks came from an Instagram friend, and I pondered the layout for a couple days. They weren’t really string blocks, but they also weren’t really HSTs. I finally settled on this abstract star HST layout and I think it looks amazing - I adore the “notches” left by the blocks.

I added the red dotted border to bring it up to size, quilted in loops and stars, and bound it in the same border fabric.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

Another one from Sally! A fun, simple design!

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

A second top donated by Alycia Quilts’ group! I quilted it in loops and stars and bound it in Bonnie and Camille’s bias stripe from April Showers. Yay for bias stripe without the bias work!

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

Sally’s third quilt! Which - a disappearing nine patch with a layer cake would make a great QOV, if you’re looking for ideas. Sew nine patches with reds in the middle, slice it up, reassemble it in one of the myriad of disappearing patchy ways, throw on a border, and voila!

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

My guild sampler from 2018! I posted about it on Friday, since it’s the only finish that was 100% me from beginning to end.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

And finally! My beautiful babies! And yours, too! I assembled my first two Friendship Chain quilts, made with blocks from my Instagram friends and local people! This one was the scrappier stars.

Fun story time - at Sew Day, two spouses from the base came and sewed their very first quilt blocks. One of them is in this quilt, and they came to the ceremony and took pictures with “their” veteran and his quilt. They were so proud of their work! I promised the second block would go in a local quilt and they could come to that ceremony, too.

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

And the second Friendship Chain was made with stars that had the same fabric. Still pretty scrappy since the blocks came from everywhere!

Whew - that’s it!

Quilts of Valor by Katie Mae Quilts

Now that the presentation is over, I’m working on writing a pattern for the full Friendship Chain, cutting from a layer cake OR fat quarters OR, of course, scraps. The block pattern will always remain free, but if you want instructions for cutting and assembling a full quilt, that will be available…shortly… (And - spoiler alert - the fat quarter version ISN’T going to be red, white, and blue! So you can imagine it in different colors for once!)

So that’s my Quilts of Valor wrap-up for the month! I’m the queen of my mini-bee this quarter, and I requested 16” sawtooth stars. Those should be rolling in during March, and I have a couple of panels and jelly roll quilts planned. And guild visits! Lots to look forward to!

So… Did anyone else work on (or start) a BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or a few blocks for someone else’s charity project? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

SWOKQG Sampler - a Finished Quilt

Well, that doesn’t sound like a very exciting title, does it? Luckily this one doesn’t need a name on the label, so I can be as boring as I want. Or uncreative. Or, well - it’s my quilt guild’s block of the month from 2018. What more of a name do you need?

SWOK Quilt Guild BOM by Katie Mae Quilts

So the quilt! Obviously, block of the month. One of the members gave out instructions for a 12” block, with a couple using the Tri-Recs rulers. I love my Tri-Recs and I try to be involved in guild things, even though I hate samplers. So I made my blocks in red/white/blue, knowing it would be donated to Quilts of Valor. Win-win!

SWOK Quilt Guild BOM by Katie Mae Quilts

This is the block I added, since my layout needed a lucky number 13. See the Tri-Recs? I adore it and I want to build a pattern around it. You know, if I can figure out how to make templates. And come up with a pattern. And have time to make it.

SWOK Quilt Guild BOM by Katie Mae Quilts

My other favorite block is the churn dash, of course. And I like my alternate blocks and the layout - but it doesn’t fully work in this quilt. I think it’s a little weird on the blocks that touch the edges (unlike the churn dash.) It works much better on the blocks that float (like the churn dash.) So, something to keep in mind for the future!

SWOK Quilt Guild BOM by Katie Mae Quilts

My two favorite things from Quilts of Valor! The label is from Spoonflower - and yes, it will be completely filled out before it’s presented. But I’m not putting all that info out there online. And the star on the block is from a flag that was imperfect, so the manufacturer won’t use it. They send us the stars, we stitch them onto the quilts. It’s a neat little detail.

SWOK Quilt Guild BOM by Katie Mae Quilts

The background fabric is the supremely shiny Maywood Pearl Essence, the alternate block and binding fabric is Kanvas All American, and the backing is Timeless Treasures Spin Dot. It’s actually the same backing as Honor, Courage, Commitment - I had to order 5 yards minimum. So there will be some borders of that red in the future, and perhaps some binding. It’s the backing that keeps on giving!

The blocks are obviously scraps - some of my favorite RWB that are starting to dwindle. It’s nice to give them one more place to shine. The quilting is loops and stars. So many loops and stars in the past week!

SWOK Quilt Guild BOM by Katie Mae Quilts


And wait till the next BOMs Away! You can see all the other quilts I prepped for the Quilts of Valor ceremony this weekend.

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BOMs Away - Eternal Bloom Center Block B

Whew - a somewhat easy week this time! You know, if you consider 16 pieces in one 3-3/4” block to be easy…?

Eternal Bloom Center Block B by Katie Mae Quilts

It really wasn’t that bad - although since I precut the green, it was actually more difficult to find the piece that was 1-1/4” vs 1-1/8”. Sigh. Such fiddly little bits! But the little red buds are done and we’re moving over to the coral block next.

Eternal Bloom Center Block A/B by Katie Mae Quilts

This is where it will go in the center block. I’m not sewing them together yet, since it will get rather large and unwieldy as the months go on. Much like the entire quilt.

Moda Block Shuffle by Katie Mae Quilts

I also made these four blocks. My almost-local-quilt-shop said they were going to post a block on the first of the month, and anyone who finishes it by the 10th gets a $15 off. Except they posted three blocks. And $15 off….? I mean - that’s $180 to every person who does a block (or three?) every month of the year. So I’m not entirely sure how this is supposed to work - but hey, I’ll make three blocks for $15 to see what happens.

Except, as you see, I made four. Because I didn’t read the directions and cut eight of the HST blocks instead of eight of the background, so I ended up with twice as much. So I made the inverse of the block as well.

They’re 6” blocks, which is going to take forever to make a sampler, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m doing RWB because I don’t actually like samplers, so mine will end up as a QOV.

So… Did anyone else work on (or start) a BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or a few blocks for someone else’s charity project? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

BOMs Away - Quilts of Valor January

For my last BOMs Away post of the month, I’m going to do a wrap-up of the Quilts of Valor stuff that I’m working on. Since I’m now a district coordinator (and the only QOV longarmer in the area!) a lot of quilts are coming through my sewing room, some just needing labels and stars, some that are blocks needing assembly, etc. And my own stuff! I’m still plugging along on the Rail Fence, after all!

Friendship Chain Quilt Blocks by Katie Mae Quilts

First up - my big project! QOV Sew Day is next Saturday, and my local quilt shop is hosting a sew event in the classroom. I’m teaching the Friendship Chain block, so I made a bunch of the pieces as visuals…which are pretty boring. (Here’s two squares with a line on the neutral. Here they are sewn together. Here they are cut apart. Here they are pressed.) These four blocks were donated - so much prettier! I also cut sashing pieces and cornerstones and tons of scraps into the usable pieces. So be prepared to see a LOT of these quilts next month!

RWB Quilt by Katie Mae Quilts

Then, I grabbed some other blocks sent by an Instagram friend (thanks Lhm_nv!) and sewed them together. It’s an awesome layout! So awesome that I screwed up the bottom two rows and had to redo it. Sigh. Rip rip rip. It’s just a bit shy of the QOV size guidelines, so I pulled the red fabric from my stash for borders. This will be presented at the end of February, so you’ll see the full quilt soon enough!

SWOKQG block of the month by Katie Mae Quilts

And finally, I pulled out my quilt guild BOM from 2018. I need one more official block, and one more extra block to complete my layout. I’m not in a rush, though - I want to show this one off at the guild before it’s presented, so it’s not a priority for the February event. I made the rest of the half blocks that go on the sides to complete the chain. (Stars and chains - it’s a BOMs Away theme this week!) And I’ll cut the pieces for the last two blocks this week while I’m cutting more…and more…and more Friendship Chain scraps.

And that’s all for January! I also spent a lot of time on the phone, coordinating the February presentation event, talking to guilds in my area, and planning Sew Day. Hopefully this will yield some new QOV members, and more tops/quilts. If nothing else, it will yield lots of pictures for next month!

So… Did anyone else work on (or start) a BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or a few blocks for someone else’s charity project? Link up here or at What a Hoot!