WiP - Some Gifts

  Once the t-shirt quilt was out the door last week, I went through my checklist and started pulling out some gifts I have planned for the rest of the year. Might as well get them done before I start yet another UFO, right?

And so, the binding was attached to Sail Around the World, and she went off to live with our former commander.

A decision was made about Spin Cycle, and she went off to live with a dear friend who had a stillborn baby the same week the quilt was damaged.

And with my personal quilts finished and mailed off, I pulled together a top for Quilts of Valor. This was a kit, so I didn't make the blocks {although I did make several disappearing hourglass blocks that are in someone else's kits, somewhere.}

And then I started on my nephew's birthday present. He's a baseball player. Don't know if you could have guessed that one! I think this will be a pillow rather than a wall-mini.

And through all the finishing, I used Taffy as a leader/ender. Which didn't even lead to a single finished block. But all the HSTs are created, so the blocks should go together quickly now as L/E.

Oh, and I finished and mailed my Nerds mini swap, but it went to England so it'll be a while before the reveal.

And then I busted into my next t-shirt quilt box and sketched up a plan. With a Disney focal section in the middle. Love! Time to get cutting!

And the color palette is May the Fourth, because Jennie loves nerds. Although I agree with her husband - TESB is the best movie of the trilogy. Best lines, best action, best ending, no Ewoks... Yeah, I'm wearing my Star Wars skirt proudly today.

WiP - Why I'm not Using Moda Fabric Anymore

These past couple of weeks, I've been working on a t-shirt quilt. She's quilted and bound and after I clip threads and make a pillow cover, she'll be on her way out the door.

I also whipped this together for a "Sew My Stash" challenge on Instagram. Most of two charm packs, a fat quarter, a couple hours, and a simple nine-patch heart was born. It's now hanging from my banister - unquilted, but giving me a smile because it's Sandy Gervais Valentine's fabric.

Which brings me to something I don't really want to talk about, that I haven't really publicized until I had some communication with the company.

My Spin Cycle. The quilt for which I spent four years collecting fabric. The time to make the blocks. The giddiness of learning the next Bonnie and Camille collection was going to be Miss Kate - for me!

Picking the perfect borders, hours quilting it...you know, all the stuff that goes into a very special quilt. It was my Blogger's Quilt Festival quilt and the quilt I would have said was my favorite and best one of the year.

And then...hot chocolate. Just a little spill. I washed it once with regular detergent, and the stain remained. So I tossed it in to soak with Oxiclean. You know, that common laundry room stain remover? The stuff I use daily because I have little boys?

And it came out like this.

Yeah. Even though I used a color catcher on the first wash, and this was, by now, the third wash, the backing still bled over on the front. Not even a little bleed. It turned the entire front of my quilt bright blue.

I admit, at this point, I panicked. I Googled. I begged Instagram to solve this. I ended up getting a "color run remover" product by Carbona. It's advertised as something "to remove dye and streaks from mixed-wash accidents."

I didn't test it first.

I admit, not testing it was absolutely my fault at this point. But I never thought the fabrics that I paid $10+ per yard wouldn't be color fast. {Although I should have assumed, since the wide-backing I paid $18 a yard for was obviously not color fast.}

So I emailed Moda all of the above information. And this was their response:

"Thank you for the information.  Unfortunately, from the information you have provided, it seems that using Oxyclean and Carbona definitely do not work with cottons.  Others here have tried the Oxyclean on cottons (not just Moda and not just quilting fabrics) with the colors being faded and not as clear after the washing.

I am sorry that this happened.  If anything like this happens again, I would suggest using a test scrap of fabric to see if the colors fades before using any product on your quilt.  Maybe just spot cleaning on a stain would work better."

Wait, what? Oxiclean fades colors? No, that's not what happened. The backing BLED. Yes, the fading happened with the Carbona, but I wouldn't have used that if the backing hadn't bled in the first place!

And really? I can't use a common stain fighting product? Go ahead and Google Oxiclean quilting cottons. It's used to clean antique quilts, according to quilt history websites. Plenty of people have had success cleaning their quilts with Oxiclean - see here, and here. Vicki Welsh advised several people, including Barbara Brackman, to do a long soak in detergent - in my world {again, small boys} a long soak in Oxiclean is a bi-weekly occurrence.

And then there's this. The {Robert Kaufman} Kona didn't change colors at all. No fading despite the Oxiclean and Carbona.

So, as I feel that Moda ignored the real issue (the backing bleeding) and laid all the blame squarely on me, I won't be supporting them anymore. I know I'm a very little fish in the big sea of quilters, and I certainly have enough Moda in my stash to use up that it won't be a visible threat for a while. {Although I will be selling off some of it. Yay for the #greatfabricdestash!}

But there's plenty of other fabric options out there these days. So I'm not going to support a company who I feel let me down once with the fabric, and once with the customer service.

October - the Pattern Month

I think the biggest thing about October was the pattern testing! Oh, wait, I ran two half marathons. I suppose that was big, too. Last one for the fall season is Vegas, and I'm so looking forward to the drinking running.

But yeah, this month, I tested and brutally edited Jennie's patterns. Make It Do is already out, and the next three will be released every Friday in November, with a big finish right before Thanksgiving!

Taffy will have to count as my NewFO, because I'm way too lazy to go downstairs it's way too dreary to take a picture of Something New.

So that's what I've been piecing for the last couple of weeks, in addition to...

Ripples and Reflections Part 6 {and I still can't lay it out and get any idea on the quilt! Soon!}

And three out of four churn dashes. I don't have enough brown scraps, and I don't feel inclined to go buy a color I don't like or use anyway. I'll be digging into my "floral too large to count as any one color" bin to finish these off, I think.

And I finished the top for my Instagram mini-swap. Now I need a quilting plan. Like, soon!

I finished Gigi's Memory Quilt. Which reminds me, I need to stitch the label on before my MIL takes it east!

And I finished my Spin Cycle. It's perfect. I know. You're jealous.

And lastly, Summer Drinks!

So a pretty successful month - some new starts, the utter joy of wielding a red pen, and a nice set of finishes. November should be pretty similar, with pattern releases, a bunch of quilts that just need some binding, and another mini-swap quilt to work on. Oh, and a commission t-shirt quilt coming in!

My goal for November could be a lot of things {ahem, mini-swap deadlines} but I'll narrow it down to my nephew's baby quilt. Shower is before Thanksgiving, quilting is done, and the binding is already prepped!

And now I feel kind of bad that this post has no pictures of CC, so I'll leave you with my kids, at least. The Dude was Steve from Minecraft, which required nothing but a big head. {I learned from last year.} And the Little Man was Tigger, fourth generation - my mother made the costume for the Dude, and it has now been worn by all the grandkids around age 2-3.


WiP - Just a Bit

Well, I had a big one to check off my list this week:

The final race in the Cascades series for Rock'n'Roll! Vancouver was a great race for me - amazing views, nice people to run with, and a strong finish...because I had to pee so badly that I was going to push it the last 200 meters. "I don't know what that means!" I yelled to the man who said that. "It means run your legs off, American, the finish line is right around the corner!" he hollered back. So I did.

Oh, right, you want to see QUILTS. Well, yes, I finished a big one of those this week, too. Spin Cycle, and I'm so pleased with her. Just one of those finishes that makes you say "nailed it!" The colors are perfect, the blocks are perfect, and the borders are named after me!

The only other thing I managed this week was ripping apart my Round and Round blocks, and redoing them in grey. I'm about 80% done, so it should be off to Jennie for my Weekender by the end of the week!

And speaking of Jennie, I'm doing another test pattern for her. I made one block, but I want to make one more before I declare the pressing instructions perfect. Because I have high standards and a vicious red pen. {BTW, there's still a giveaway running for her first pattern, Make It Do!}

That's it - and this coming week will probably be a slow week, with Halloween and my MIL visiting and recovery from the race. And I need to get things cleaned up in the sewing room in preparation for a commissioned quilt arriving!

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Spin Cycle - Finished!

This feels like a project that took forever, even though I pieced the blocks just last winter and only put it on hold because Miss Kate was announced, and clearly I needed Miss Kate borders. But I've been collecting the fabrics forever, so it was a long time from the first purchase to the finish.

And speaking of the fabrics. Every.single.Bonnie and Camille.line. Except April Showers. Meh. Sorry. Can't win 'em all. But Bliss, Scrumptious, Happy Go Lucky, Marmalade, Vintage Modern, Ruby, and of course, Miss Kate. All there.


And they play so nicely together in this design! Spin Cycle is a Cluck Cluck Sew pattern, and it was very well done. The only quibble I have is that it uses exactly 9" of fabric...so if your quilt shop is not a generous cutter for squaring up, you might have a bit of trouble. I only had one piece that was short, but I was able to cut those pieces from the scrap. I don't know how well the cutting worked for fat quarters, since all of mine were quarter yards.

It's a really white quilt. I looked at a lot of Miss Kate for the border, but I kept coming back to the white floral. Which is a stupid idea with kids and CC. But in the end, I decided I didn't care. It was definitely the right border.

I debated the two greens for border/binding, and finally asked my husband. He declared that the Miss Kate was a better demarcation line. Me: "Uh, you mean stop border?" Him: "Same thing." But totally different languages.

I Red-Peppered the binding again. It's a really easy method to get the hang of, and I think it looks good. And can stand up to repeated washings!

The backing is Bungle Jungle by Tim and Beck. I wanted Miss Kate, of course, but there wasn't any wide backing. And at 82" square, I wasn't going to piece backing. I picked it thinking it would go well with the aquas on the front...totally forgetting that I already had the green binding. Oh well, they don't look terrible together. Just maybe not a combo I would have chosen on purpose.

And oh, the quilting. I love the quilting. Spirals with flowers with more spirals. I was going to do light grey, to blend with the background {which is Jasmine Tea by Jessie Aller and I love it and I wish I had a whole bolt of it} but the ladies at the long arm rental place threw aqua at me instead. Sometimes it's good to have a whole roomful of people to help make decisions.

Doesn't this look like an artful shot? It's actually falling off the fence. And I finished it on Tuesday so I would have plenty of time to get pictures...but it's rained every minute since I pulled it out of the dryer. And the forecast for my half marathon on Sunday? More rain. Yeeha, I hope there's a Starbucks close to the finish line!

{Oh, and by the way - giveaway for Make It Do pattern over here. In case you missed it.}