BOMs Away - #quiltsforvegas

A quick divert from my usual BOM plan this week - the Las Vegas MQG is collecting blocks, tops, and finished quilts for the victims and first responders of the attack. I don't have an MQG here, so when Stephanie on Instagram said she'd make a quilt from donated blocks, I decided to send a few her way.


The blocks are Greyscale by Cluck Cluck Sew. Using scraps from some of my more overflowing bins. I especially like the sparkly silver-white background. The blocks go together very quickly - although laying them out in advance helps! 

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

Finish Along - Quarter 4 Goals

My last Finish Along post was anticipating our move - and now we're here!


And after switching my sewing room and the playroom 3-4 times, I'm officially moved in and staying put. The TV is plugged in. Netflix and I are ready to get started on some things!


The most important being, prepping this space for my longarm. Yikes. Some of the bins and shelves will go underneath it {thank goodness} but there's still a lot to be removed. I'm going to be selling off my old craft show stock, and I already handed off all the fleece, satin, and lamé that I'm seriously never going to use.

But, I do not have a delivery date on my preciousssssssssss yet, so it's hard to know what I'll manage to get done this quarter. {Business license, tax exempt certificate, accounting software - yeah, that's the boring adult stuff I have to do first. They do not make for exciting finishes - like, yay, I finished writing my business plan?!}


The only thing I know I have to get done - assuming the longarm is here in time - is a Minecraft quilt for my nephew for Christmas. I still have a ton of squares cut out from the last two, and I'm supplementing with charm packs this time, so the cutting is going faster.

I also plan on finishing my sister's fortieth birthday quilt, but she reads my blog, so there are no pictures. Trust me, it's awesome, and a single sneak peek would give the whole thing away. Her birthday is at the end of November, so again, this is dependent on the longarm's arrival.


In order to reduce the flannel bins, I started piecing more of these strip quilts. I hope to get them quilted...but, say it with me - it all depends on when the longarm gets here.

I also have stacks of unquilted tops, but...let's just leave those off the list till 2018.


Luckily there's still a closet full of quilted tablerunners that only need binding! Yay for slacking - it gives me something to do while I wait for the longarm to get here! {Hey, did you know I can't do much until the longarm gets here?}

So hopefully I'll spend this quarter reducing my clutter and nearly-finished projects, so I can start 2018 with a clean slate...and a longarm!

BOMs Away - Moving...Again

Not moving house, but ugh. Swapping rooms with the playroom again. Who would have thought it would be this hard to lose 500 square feet? {Probably anyone who has ever downsized.}


So we spent my weekend BOM time walking back and forth between rooms. Toys in, fabric out. Fabric in, toys out. Swapping shelving units and organizational bins. Purging toys. Never purging fabric. {Let's not go too crazy here!}

But this it - no more room changes - until the next move. Sigh.

So did anyone else work on their BOM? Or a random project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Or just a massive sewing room overhaul...again? Link up here or at What a Hoot!

Make It Pink/Make It Blue - a Mini Finish!

I may not be working on anything big quite yet - but I'm moving right through the mini finishes these days!


This is for my InMod Quilt Guild's booth at the Spokane Quilt Show next month. Yes, I know I moved. And yes - I've even already joined a guild here! But my InMod guild will always be my first and favorite. {BTW, you can see our finished raffle quilt on InMod's blog. Let me know if you want to buy tickets!}

The challenge was a F8 of Kona Lipstick and a FQ of Kona Stone. We could add multiple shades of one color. I knew right away I wanted to make a deconstructed churn dash like the one by Quilty Habit, that I spotted in A Quilter's Table's newsletter over a year ago.

I sized it down to the required 20" and accidentally made it a shoofly block instead. I knew I wanted to add the little blue strips to the triangles, and it ended up looking better as a shoofly on paper.

I kept Quilty Habit's spiral quilting - and boy was that harder than it looks! My first stitches are quite a bit wobbly, and the back....


Let's just say I'm lazy about pin-basting minis. Lots of wobbles, lots of puckers, lots of "oops, I just quilted the backing onto itself." Thank goodness only the wall sees the mini backing! But yeah. Next time, more pinning.


It's a bit wonky, so I'm going to give it a good blocking before mailing it. And my guild knows me so well - as incentive to mail it, they promised to send it back in a box packed with scraps!

You can see a few more of the finishes here - so interesting to see what each of us does with the same fabrics!

20" square

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BOMs Away - Celtic Solstice September

Now that things are settling into place in the sewing room, I have some space to pull out bigger projects. Celtic Solstice spans three WIP boxes, so it was a good project to work on this weekend.


I cut and sewed and trimmed and pressed and trimmed and sewed...and added three whole blocks to my stack! Sigh.

To be fair, I was using up the last block pieces and trying to decipher my notes on the cut sizes. Now that I'm caught up on all the random bits and can accurately count pieces, it'll be easier to keep track of things. I can cut the fabrics for a flying geese part and piece a few during the week, or the four patches in the other block, etc. 

Only 21 blocks to go!

{Not counting the border. Sigh.}

How is everyone else doing on their BOM? Or a random project broken into {slightly} more manageable monthly pieces? Link up here or at What a Hoot!