Abstract Watermelon - a Finished Mini!

In contrast to my last project, which was in progress for four years, this one was only started in October and finished last week. There's something to be said for minis!


This was the result of an improv triangle class with my modern quilt guild. Now, I know it doesn't look improv-y at all - but it's baby steps. The hourglass blocks are two different sizes, and on the bottom left...I just cut the last one in half. It's not symmetrical. And I'm fine with it!


No, really, I am. I originally had the greens in the middle and the pinks as the surround, but after I put it together, I realized it was basically a watermelon, so I took it apart and reversed them. Much better - and everyone I've shown it to sees the watermelon, so I'm not just crazy.

And to fully keep with the theme, I did matched binding - green on the green and pink on the pink. I even had a 1.5" strip of the pink fabric in my scrap bin that was exactly as long as I needed. It was easy peasy and totally worth it!


I've run out of room on my mini walls and had to start going across the dining room arch. If I keep up with these finishes, I'm going to have to reorganize! From the left, my Lori Holt mini swap {made by Tjhindman} and my Crosscut...when I shift things around, I might have to make A Quilter's Table wall!

{BTW, she recently posted about how she slowly slid into improv piecing. See? Slowly easing in is perfectly fine!}


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