Alexander's T-Shirt Quilt - Finished!

One last finish for the year! This was a semi-last-minute t-shirt quilt order that I was able to fit in for a local family. It's always nice to do these, because I am beyond terrified every time I mail off a t-shirt quilt. It's not the kind of thing you can replace if the postal service loses it!

Anyway, this is Alexander's quilt. You can tell he's an Air Force brat, because there's several different bases represented, and he cheers for a non-local football team. {If you can see the weird-ish splotches on the top of the Browns' shirts, that's because I Photoshopped out his last name.}

The blocks are cut at either 12" or 10"-then-framed. Even when using the back of the shirt, I couldn't bump some of them over 10" - but yet, others couldn't be cut down. The size of the shirts made it harder to center designs, but I think it all worked out in the end.

A couple of elements I was asked to include - some baby bibs, which I appliqued over a block and into the sashing.

The mom asked for subtle sashing in boy colors, so I went with very light blue and green dots. And then Superman borders.

And finally, she asked for a plain blue backing, but also gave me his baby blanket from the hospital. Since the quilt is twin size, I knew I would need more than a double-length of fabric, so I pieced in the blanket and it worked perfectly!

Quilting is loose loops.